Things You Should Do After Remedial Massage

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Remedial massage is one of the best forms of massages you can consider today. It involves applying slow strokes and firm pressure to get to the deepest muscle layers and their connective tissues. Remedial massage is designed for people who are struggling with chronic pain and aches like lower and upper back pain, sore shoulders, leg muscle tightness and stiff neck.

If you have already scheduled an appointment and you are ready for the massage, it's vital to know some of the things you need to do after the session. After the massage, your body will feel relaxed, and blood will flow easier. In fact, you'll desire to hang onto this wonderful feeling for longer. Below are some of the things you can do to continue feeling great and extend the benefits of remedial massage.

Eat something

One of the things you need to do before going for your massage is to bring a snack. Massage jump-starts your body, something that will speed up body functions like digestion and circulation. The good endorphins are released and will make you feel high. This is the reason people tend to feel light-headed after the massage session. Giving your body an energy boost can fix the problem, so consider eating the snack you brought. However, do not be tempted to eat a large meal after the session because you'll feel uncomfortable.

Take more water

During the remedial massage, your therapist will loosen the muscles, which will lead to the release of toxins. These toxins will be sent to the liver and other body organs, and the only way to get rid of them is by taking more water. When you stay hydrated before and after the session, it will be easy for the body to flush out toxins and improve circulation throughout the body. You may also take herbal tea to keep you energised.

Suspend your exercise routine

Remedial massage works one every muscle, especially the deepest ones. After the session, your body will be relaxed, and muscles will be loose. Therefore, if you have a workout routine, you should consider rescheduling so your body can get the opportunity to rest. This way, you will avoid having overworked muscles or getting injured as you exercise. Your therapist may also offer some tips you should keep in mind. These guidelines are customised to suit your body needs, so be sure to follow them.

To learn more about remedial massage, contact a massage therapist near you.

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